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In February 2013, the YANIGEN - LEATHER GOODS brand was founded by an engineer named Eugene who had absolutely no concept of sewing or working with leather. Interested in this case, it became clear immediately that this is a favorite business that you want to develop. A year later, his wife Anastasia joined him. Together, they have come a long way from a small workshop at home to a showroom producing branded products. The main features of which are quality and uniqueness.

Our products are first and foremost quality. Quality of materials and components for work, thoughtful design and excellent execution.

YANIGEN - LEATHER GOODS is a modern Ukrainian brand that creates sophisticated, restrained and beautiful leather products. We care about our customers, listen to them and hear them. That is how we are improving. After production and before shipment, we inspect each product for the best results.

Now, not many people work in our production. For that, there is a friendly team that makes the atmosphere cozy and more creative. And everything we create is done with the soul!

We are proud to produce quality, beautiful and functional products that please you again and again!


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